Custom Mule Tape halters are extremely strong, yet soft and lightweight. Made of plaited Mule Tape which is used for heavy lifting applications, this halter does not stretch, stiffen, or become brittle over time. Great for horses that are tough on traditional halters. 



We offer Halters that are custom made to your needs, from Mini to Draft we have you covered. All of our halters come with a 8' Lead rope to match..


Starting at $65.00 for a halter and lead combo you are sure to be ordering one for every member of the family! 



We even do cow and sheep halters ! Contact us for more information! 

Price List 

**All Prices in CAN Dollar


Plain Halter - $65.00 

Lariat Halter - $65.00

Beaded Nose Band ** - $130.00 

Leather Nose Band ** - $180.00

** These can be any design imaginable, brand, name... really the possibilities are endless! 


We are very excited to have paired with some amazing people to bring more to the halters!! 

We have paired with Lindsay Clendinning  for the bead work and Cassidy Slade of Cactus Rose Leather Design for our leather nose bands.


We can do about anything that you can dream of for both leather and bead work, so don't hesitate to call us to arrange your custom halter today!